Inspire the Senses

Our vision is to create the most unique online shopping experience possible. One which will stimulate and inspire all five senses for each customer, providing a lasting impression of Lemon Cyprus. Our Five Sense Experience will start with the flow from our social media and website design right through to when the beautifully wrapped package is delivered and opened by the customer.

It's all in the details ~ 

Sight & Sound: Starting with the beautiful and soothing colour scheme of oatmeal and greens on the website combined with the feminine chic feel given from the graphics an product photos. Moving to the visually & audibly pleasing social media posts and LIVE style events continuing to follow the Lemon Cyprus vibe.

Touch: Our product lines of luxurious fabrics with different feels and textures from around the world as well as local designers, that feel wonderful on the body.

Smell: The delicious signature "Fresh" scent will lightly fill your order package and become synonymous with the Lemon Cyprus brand.

Taste: We have created our own homemade lemon candy with fresh lemon zest and lemon thyme that will be included in every order package as a little 'thank you' treat and to complete the whole Five Sense Experience.