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Lemon Cyprus X Lo & Co.

Clementine Bracelet ~ Semi-Precious Gemstone

Clementine Bracelet ~ Semi-Precious Gemstone

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Lemon Cyprus X Lo & Co Bespoke Bracelets

This beautiful bracelet was custom designed by Lemon Cyprus and made by Lo & Co. 

All of the beads are 6mm semi-precious gemstones each with their own healing properties along with a signature Lime Green Jade bead surrounded by 4mm 14K Gold Fill beads to signify it as a Lemon Cyprus original.

The beautiful tones of pink in the Rose Quartz and Pink Jade mixed with beautiful orange variations of the Carnelian beads are so warm and inviting with a fun pop!  Wear it on its own or mix it with other Lemon Cyprus originals for a stackable armparty.

Gemstone healing properties:

  • Lime Green Jade - happiness, bright, abundance
  • Rose Quartz - heart opener, self love, compassion
  • Carnelian - sparks energy and creativity 
  • Pink Jade - promotes love and harmony 

Bracelets are all hand strung onto stretch cord to roll on and off the wrist.  7" size.

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