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Lule Belt

Lule Belt

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The full length, triple row square perforations make this jeans belt incredibly soft and give it a lightweight look and feel. Finished with a brushed oblong shaped buckle.

  • 45mm / 1 3/4" strap width
  • Antique bronze brushed buckle
  • 100% vegetable tanned leather from Italy
  • Ethically made in Canada

BRAVE Skrunchy Italian leather is vegetable tanned, then washed in it's unaltered form and left to air dry. The drying produces an uneven wrinkled surface (think of leaving your laundry in the machine after it is washed and left to dry in the drum). Once dry, we tumble the skins to soften the leather and even out the surface, but much of the character from the washing process remains.

Note: As with all hand-crafted, natural leather products, each piece has unique character with slight variations in color and natural markings.

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