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Lemon Cyprus X Lo & Co.

Buttercup Bracelet ~ Semi-Precious Gemstone

Buttercup Bracelet ~ Semi-Precious Gemstone

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Lemon Cyprus X Lo & Co Bespoke Bracelets

This beautiful bracelet was custom designed by Lemon Cyprus and made by Lo & Co. 

All of the beads are 6mm semi-precious gemstones each with their own healing properties along with a signature Lime Green Jade bead surrounded by 4mm 14K Gold Fill beads to signify it as a Lemon Cyprus original.

The beautiful tones of butter yellow of the Yellow Jade and Citrine combined with the deep variations of the Dark Green Jade are so fresh!  Wear it on its own or mix it with other Lemon Cyprus originals for a stackable armparty.

Gemstone healing properties:

  • Lime Green Jade - happiness, bright, abundance
  • Yellow Jade - wisdom, learn from experiences and promotes confidences
  • Dark Green Jade - well being and longevity
  • Citrine - positivity, optimism, supports  abundance and opportunities 

Bracelets are all hand strung onto stretch cord to roll on and off the wrist, approx. 7" size.

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